Welcome to FIFe Scandinavian Winner show 2019 in Turku - Åbo, Finland.   

The Show will be held on 13th-14th April 2019 in Turku Fair Center.  The Scandinavian Winner 2019 is arranged by Turun Rotukissayhdistys - Åbo Raskattförening- TUROK ry. 

Turun Rotukissayhdistys - Åbo Raskattförening - TUROK ry, the cat club in Turku, was founded in 1974; hence we are also celebrating our 45th anniversary in 2019. 

The colors of Turun Rotukissayhdistys - Åbo Raskattförening - TUROK ry are red, yellow (gold) and blue, the colors you can find in the old coats of arms of Varsinais-Suomi, the region where Turku is located in. A crowned black cat is depicted in the logo of our cat club. To celebrate our anniversary and the Scandinavian Winner show we have chosen to use our colors as the theme colors of the SW2019. 

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