FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show is open for cats of fully recognized breeds and house cats belonging to individual FIFe members. Cats exhibited at the FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show must satisfy one of the requirements in the 13 months period prior to the Scandinavian Winner Show. 

Kittens in class 12 (4-7 months) must have achieved: 

  • Best in Variety (BIV) or 
  • Best in Show nomination (NOM) or 
  • 3 x Excellent 1 (EX 1) 


Addition for class 12

Kittens 4-7 months may participate in class 12 at the Scandinavian Show, if they have achieved at least one Excellent 1. This is valid only for class 12.

Juniors in class 11 (7-10 months) must have achieved: 

  • Best in Variety (BIV) or 
  • Best in Show nomination (NOM) or 
  • 3 x Excellent 1 (EX 1) 

Adult cats in classes 7-10 must have achieved: 

  • Best in Variety (BIV) or 
  • Best in Show nomination (NOM) or 
  • Each cat qualified in class 12 or 11 within 13 months prior to Show 
  • Adult cats in classes 1- 6 are qualified 

Domestic cats must have achieved: 

  • Best in Show nomination (NOM) or 
  • DSM title 

You can not enter cats to class 13, 15, 16, 17 or 18 to Scandinavian Winner show.

Qualification and other data are checked and validated by the exhibitor’s national FIFe-member or club. 

You can enter your cat before it’s qualified. The qualification can be done to the weekend before the show. 

Entry period

Please note that the entry period is open from 7th January 2019  until 24th February 2019
Enter your cat(s) via online application in (valid link will be provided later)   
Entry fee per cat is 60 € 

The entry is not valid until the online entry application is accepted and the entry fee has been paid. If your cat does not meet the necessary qualification requirements in time, the entry fee will not be refunded.  

Invitation and information of the show 

Invitation will be published later. More information of the show will be published later.     


Mrs. Lena Björkander (SE) 1,2
Mr. Fabio Brambilla (IT) AB
Mr. Ad de Bruijn (NL) A,3,4
Mrs. Mira Fonsén (FI) AB
Mrs. Tellervo Kass (FI) 1,2
Mr. Martti Peltonen (SE) B,2,3,4
Mr. Sebastian Pruchniak (PL) AB
Mrs. Kristiina Rautio (FI) 1,2,D
Mr. Eric Reijers (CZ) AB
Mr. Veikko Saarela (FI) AB
Mr. Cristiano Federico Sandon (IT) 1,2
Mr. Glenn Sjöbom (SE) AB
Mr. Bjarne Wikström (FI) 1,2
Mrs. Anna Wilczek (PL/SK) AB

Right for changes reserved. 

Show venue 

The Turku Fair Center enjoys good traffic connections. It is located in the Artukainen district approximately 5 kilometres from downtown Turku, the railway station and port. The Turku Airport is only 15 minutes’ drive away. 
The street address of the Turku Fair Center is Messukentänkatu 9–13, but you can also access it from the side of Kirjaltajankatu or Artukaisten kiitotie. The Turku Fair Center is right next to the Gatorade Center.  
More about the show venue here: 

Steward applications

Please apply online on here by March 15th, 2019. Stewards will be chosen and confirmed when the application period has closed.